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Armenian Church of Saint Gregory

Just behind the Church is the parsonage, rebuilt in 1905 as a memorial by Nanajan Sarkies to her husband John Shanazar Sarkies, the distinguished scholar and merchant who died in 1904. Today the parsonage is used as a Counselling Centre by the Church of England.

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The memorial Garden in the grounds of the Armenian church is of special historical interest. The Armenian pioneers were buried in the old cemetery in Government Hill and after 1865 in the Bukit Timah cemetery. All the tombstones that could be recovered from the Bukit Timah cemetery were assembled in 1988 to form the Memorial Garden. The tombstone of Agnes (Ashen) Joaquim is in the Memorial Garden. She grew the orchid, Vanda Miss Joaquim which is now the national flower of the Republic of Singapore.

Armenian Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Singapore
60 Hill Street
Singapore 179366

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